Security Features

Layer-Upon-Layer Security Technology


Every SecureGuard prescription paper and prescription pad has multiple security features layered into its structure, making it virtually impossible to copy or tamper with prescriptions written on any of our products.

Hidden Message Technology: ‘VOID’ appears if copied

Anti-Copy Watermark: hold at an angle to reveal watermark

Anti-Copy Coin Rub: rub back of document to reveal security message

Reverse Rx: white ‘Rx’ appears against background color

Toner Bond: prevents the removal of printed information

Distinctive Blue Security Background: provides erasure protection

Unique Production Batch Numbers: provides manufacturer and document identification

Security Warning Box: warning box describe document’s security features

Micro Printing Security Border: print is visible under magnification but disappears if copied

To understand even more about Medicaid’s requirements for tamper-resistant paper and how every SecureGuard prescription paper and prescription pad meets and exceeds those criteria, download our Medicaid Fact Sheet.


Want to learn even more about why Document Security Matters™? Visit our SecureGuard resources website for detailed information on the document security protections residing in all our products.